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A Specialist Service That Can Really Help With Insurance Claims

If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to have to make a claim on insurance, you’ll know that making insurance claims can be a lot more complicated, and that the final amount you receive can be much lower, than you expected. We may start out thinking, naively, that our insurance company will be able to give us a payout that properly reflects the costs we have incurred – but why would they want to do that?

Like every other business, insurance companies are out to make a profit, and they will make every effort to pay out as little as they can on insurance claims. After all, all those commercials that encourage us to save money on our insurance premiums is inevitably going to have an effect on the amounts insurance companies are willing to pay out when we do make a claim. What’s more, insurers deal with insurance claims on a daily basis, and use in-house experts to help them reduce the amounts they pay out on claims. It is likely that you have hardly any experience of dealing with insurance claims, or none at all, and don’t know what amounts you can rightfully claim.

Your insurance company will exploit your lack of knowledge to make sure that they pay the bare minimum when claims are made. If only insurance claimants could have someone with the same experience of making claims working for them. This is exactly what an insurance loss assessor does.

The Job of an Insurance Claims Loss Adjuster

Each time an insurance claim is received, an insurance claims loss adjuster is assigned by the insurance company whose job it is to investigate the details of the claim and advise what level of compensation the claimant should receive. They will thoroughly investigate the scene, looking for any deficiencies in security, compliance (or otherwise) with any policy warranties or endorsements, and any damage or loss mentioned in the claim. They will conduct interviews with the claimants and gather evidence pertaining to the case. They will also be trying to make sure that the claim is not a fraudulent one.

Insurance loss adjusters are paid by the insurance company, and it is in their best interests to make sure their employers pay out as little as possible on insurance claims. But you are making a claim, you don’t access to the same specialist knowledge.

Insurance Loss Assessors – What They Do

This is where insurance loss assessors can help. When making an insurance claim, the claimant can employ an insurance loss assessor to manage the claim on their behalf.

Insurance Loss Assessors do the same job as insurance claims loss adjusters, but with the claimant’s interests in mind rather than the insurance company’s. Using an insurance loss assessor to manage the claim takes the unfair advantage away from the insurance companies and makes certain that the claimant receives the settlement they are entitled to.

Unless you work in the insurance industry, you’re unlikely to have heard of insurance loss assessors before you read this article. Very few people seem to know this service is even available. Now that you do, though, you’ll know exactly what to do if disaster should strike and you or anyone you know ever need to make insurance claims.