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How to Decorate your Interior Seating with Handmade Cushions

There are many ways to bring life into your living spaces without the use of drastic approaches – like, repainting walls and replacing furniture. If your couches and love seats are looking particularly bland, throw in some handmade cushions and decorative pillows for that pop of color. You’d be surprised how such small additions to the home could make a difference.

Today’s let’s go over some ways to enliven your interior seating with handcrafted cushions.

Why Handmade Cushions?

Unlike the manufactured types, handmade cushions tend to be more intricate, well-crafted, and well-sown. Crafters go over a selected choice of fabrics and fabric blends, so there truly is a lot of heart that goes into these products. If you find delight in spending time in your living room, you may find so much comfort with some additional cushion on the couch. 

Furthermore, if you like having guests around, these handmade cushions will surely catch their eye and their interest. Lastly, what makes these pieces sustainable is that you can easily switch up their covers to create a whole new look for your home. 

How to Style with Handmade Cushions?

We can approach this challenge in three key aspects: Color, Texture, and Quality. We will work with these aspects in accordance with the context of the room. Basically, the goal is to breathe life into your spaces by working with what you have. 

Handmade cushions and throw pillows have this potential if utilized properly. Once you’ve mastered the design elements and how to match one with the other, it can transform your space into something worth spending time in. 

So, let’s begin.


This is the most common of the styling aspects, and we go for the usual but underrated approach: Contrast. That means, if your room is essentially monochromatic, get handcrafted cushions that bring a splash of color into the room. 

On the other hand, if your room is cozy and traditional, getting uniformly colored throw pillows can introduce some semblance of order. 

In addition to this, we should also work with the lighting in the room as part of the context. If the room is well-lit with natural light during the day, we can appreciate the impact of these pillows more with a subdued palette. 

That said, if the room has dark walls or dim lighting, then it is best if you choose colors that amplify the light.

Another tip you can incorporate is that there shouldn’t be more than three dominant colors in the room. If you step away at a distance and find that the room has too many colors in it, then it is time to dial it down. 

The challenge takes a more complex turn once we incorporate patterned colors into the mix. While patterns add energy and dynamic into a space, it can be chaotic if poorly chosen.

This leads us to the next aspect.


While most prefer working with texture than color, we say that these two function as a team. Given that these handmade cushions are essentially fabric, it is only fitting for the textures to match.

With that, we choose the throw pillow texture that firstly matches its base material – and, this could be the sofa, love seat, ottoman, etc. Secondly, it has to work with the context of the space, and this takes the other fabrics in the room into consideration. That said, you could get some throw pillows that match with the rug or the draperies. 

If you prefer a minimalist approach, you can explore a neutral palette with similar shades and hues but with varying textures. A plain couch with pillows that shimmer, or fuzz, also creates depth to an otherwise boring furniture piece. 

That said, a variation of texture introduces a visual interest. However, it would be best if you also were careful not to mix too many elements since it comes off as rather kitsch and messy.


The allure of handmade cushions is that it makes the space cozier. These additions combat the idea of living rooms as showcase seating areas. Instead, they turn your living room into a space for interaction and engagement. 

What we love most about these handcrafted throw pillows is the choice of fabric. These pieces are also customizable to suit your furniture and very living spaces. That said, there is nothing more endearing than owning pieces that no one else has. 

Indeed, we do tend to value quality over quantity. Still, we need to consider the quantity as well. This means that the amount of pillows you throw into your furniture can always be too much or too few.

That said, an even number of throw pillows create symmetry, while an uneven number introduces curated randomness. Moreover, if you have an even number of components, do coordinate the colors. 

You can work with pairs on the colors, a gradation of blends, or some patterns or texture. On the other hand, if you have an uneven number, you can play on the contrast of varying textures.

In conclusion, it’s the little things that count. It’s the small and minute details that make or break the space, and sometimes, we may not be aware of it.

Too few of them, and the space feels empty. Too much of it, and the room looks chaotic. 

Ultimately, we strive towards balance whenever we design our living spaces. We make use of our ingenuity to make the space beautiful, and our humanity to make these areas livable.

We have finally discussed how to decorate your interior seating and living spaces with handmade cushions and throw pillows. In summary, we had gone over how these small additions can breathe life and energy into a room. 

We had also discussed three key approaches we should consider whenever we are choosing these pieces. We hope that this quick guide proves helpful to you, and may this provide insight as you venture with your homes. Good luck!