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How to Take Care of Your Precious Air Jordan Sneakers?

Are you a sucker for collecting and flexing designer sneakers? Whether you own a single pair or have an entire closet dedicated to keeping your collection, we are pretty sure you want to keep them in good condition for a long, long time.

After all, designer or exclusive edition sneakers like Air Jordan 4 Royalty are not just high fashion but they are valuable as well. But no matter how much you spend on these high-value sneakers, if you don’t take care of them properly, they’re soon gonna lose their charm and even worse get damaged.

Well, you wouldn’t want that to happen, right? This is why taking care of your Jordans is so important. Here we will guide you to take care of your special Air Jordan sneakers with appropriate steps.

Continue to read till the end to find out.

Brush off the dry dirt and grime

Sometimes, all you need is a good brush and that is enough to give your Jordans a good clean. Even if the sneakers don’t have any stains or dirt accumulated on them, make sure to give them a good brush with gentle strokes after using them.

Some dust particles may settle on the sneakers which may not be visible, however, over time may accumulate and make it harder to get rid of. Hence, it is highly recommended to brush your sneakers after using them every time you wear them.

Also, make sure to use an appropriate brush for your Air Jordan sneakers range. The bristle of the brush should not be too stiff as it would damage the mesh finish. Additionally, use gentle strokes to brush off the dirt as rigorous brushing can ruin the design.

Cleaning the Shoes Laces & Insoles separately

If cleaning your Jordans has been long overdue then you must note that you cannot afford to clean the entire sneakers at one go. You need to clean the shoelaces and insoles separately using the right cleaning technique.

Take out the shoelaces carefully and remove any dirt or stain on them with the use of a soft-bristle brush. Now once you are done with that, you can either wash the laces by hand or machine wash them.

If you are choosing to wash the laces in the machine then make sure to put them securely in a mesh bag or pouch before throwing them in the wash cycle. Avoid cleaning agents that have any sort of bleach content in them as they can take away the shine from laces.

As for the insoles, it is quite convenient to take them out and clean them. However, you must remember that insoles are made from either foam or synthetic material and therefore, you must not use too much water to clean them.

At least, avoid soaking the insoles in water for too long. It is recommended to invest in a specialized cleaning kit and use the tools that come with it to clean the insoles of an Air Jordan sneaker range.

Use Water Repellent and specialized Suede Cleaner

Water repellent sprays are great to keep your Jordans in good shape even if you use them on rainy days. However, you need to ensure that you are picking a high-quality water repellent spray especially if the Jordans have a suede upper or finish.

Make sure the sneakers are thoroughly dry before you spray the water repellent or suede cleaner. Let that product dry overnight before you wear the sneakers and show them off.

Store the Jordans in separate Ziplock bags with silica in it

Aside from cleaning and protecting your sneakers, you also need to store them appropriately. The best way to store your designer sneakers is in a ziplock bag.

Throw each sneaker in a separate zip lock bag and keep a small silica pouch inside each bag. This will prevent any type of funky growth and keep your Jordans good as new for a long time.

Use the right socks and keep the insoles dry every chance you get

If you have the problem of smelly feet then you cannot afford to wear Jordan sneakers without taking any special measures for it. Make sure to air dry the insoles after every use and use a deodorizer to keep them smelling fresh.

Aside from that, use moisture-wicking socks to keep your sweaty feet dry or prevent excessive moisture. You can also use special sneaker spray to prevent any foul odour from coming from the sneakers.