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How Does Social Media Affect Our Life

In this generation, everyone uses the internet. In 2023, there will be 4.48 billion people active on social media. It’s a necessity for us. It’s a very helpful thing for us. Social media spreads news, knowledge, and interesting things. Surveys say teenagers use social media more. Two-thirds of teenagers have their own mobile. Social media gives us the opportunity to make new friends, connect with friends.

Social Media sites

You will find millions of social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and what’s app have a big impact on people’s life. Because of Facebook, Instagram we can see our friend’s photos, their daily lifestyle and we can also share our photos and exciting moments of our lives. There are many reasons why we need to use social media in our daily life.

Benefits of social media

Social media helps us to build relationships. We connect with people easily. It made communication much easier.

  • We stay in touch with friends and what they are doing.
  • We can research products and clear any doubts.
  • Social media can help us to contact anyone anytime. This opportunity is given only through social media.
  • It can help us to educate ourselves. There are lots of things we can see on the internet. But only a few things we choose to see. We can learn and see new things with the help of social media.

Social media influencer

Social media influencers are also doing a great job. They have a great network. So many people follow them. They can easily influence the audience. People follow them because of their content. Influencers create great content. They usually know about trends, they have knowledge. There are different types of influencers we see on social media. Like some influence on how to dress up, how to travel, how to get fit and healthy, how to do makeup. Cole Sprouse, a fashion influencer (35.7M), Chiara Ferragni is a fashion influencer. Jen Selter, Ines de Ramon is a fitness influencer, Murad Osmann is a travel influencer.

Mental Health

Social media has two sides, positive and negative. It affects our mental health also. When we post something social media, anyone can see the post. We allow people to comment on our personal lives. Many people face harassment, these things make them feel bad. Negative comments about the public affects their mental health.Jeff Tiedrichis a popular musician and political activist. He is popularly recognized for his tweets and targeting US president Donald Trump frequently abused him very badly. He has 722.2k followers on his twitter account.

The study research says people who spend more time on social media, are addicted to it. And those addicted to social media feel more lonely, causing depression, anxiety.

Social media causes jealousy. Study shows that it is one of the common reasons for jealousy. People who use facebook, Instagram compare their actual life to those they follow online. Comparing their life to their friends and families lives.

Research says those who use social media most of the time have a lower mood. And bad sleep quality. After finishing our dinner we use our mobiles. That affects our sleep quality.


Social media affects people differently. It depends on how much people spend their time in it. How they maintain their life. It’s like a coin. It has two different sides, one is the good side and the other one is the bad side. We can’t only say that it only affects our lives, it helps us a lot in our daily life. We all know that clearly.