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Top 10 New Drawing Games For Kids to Sharpen Their Wits and Motor Skills

Drawing is a fun activity for kids to entertain and teach at the same time. By encouraging your teens to play drawing games, you can help them learn something new. This article starts you with the ultimate collection of top drawing games that help your children improve their line drawing skills, color skills and increase their awareness of aesthetics. These games are also perfect for keeping your kids occupied.

Parents can also play these games with their children to have fun.

1. Doodle Quest

The drawing game involves diving to the bottom of the blue sea where there is a fish to eat, athletes to save, and wealth to discover. This game stimulates your kid’s visual judgment and hand-eye coordination. The player must draw on separate translucent sheets and use their eyes well to reach their targets and avoid restrictions.

Doodle adventure is a child’s activity game or a family game, which is beyond average in quality, originality, and fun. This game is suitable for ages six and up. Have fun playing solo or competitively with up to four players who can be peers or family members. The gameplay is rather fast as it takes about twenty minutes. You can prepare your kids to play this game for a minute and put it on for about 30 seconds, making it a great game to pull off at the end or beginning of the play session.

2. Pictionary Game

This game involves quick sketches and hilarious predictions. The most advanced edition now emphasizes a new board that allows for faster gameplay. The new game includes two levels of clues 800 juniors and 1200 adults. It means everyone can play. This game is intended for three or more players.

It is perfect for ages eight and older. The gameplay is fast as it takes less than thirty minutes. It’s an educational game and keeps all ages involved.

3. Buy us Color Magnetic Drawing Board for Kids

This game emphasizes a colorful erasable astrology drawing board with four color areas on the drawing screen. The game packs hassle-free magnetic colorful drawing that enhances your kid’s creativity and thought. The toy also incorporates an extra-large drawing screen with an easy slider eraser, a pen, and two snap-fit-shaped stampers. The game is interactive for the complete family because parents can also join in the fun.

4. Invisible Ink

In this game, the child must know what is drawing invisible Ink. The game tests your children’s observation skills. Children need to be vigilant when the pen starts to move. Once they choose their answer, they have to type it in and enter. If the answer is right, the answer will expose. If the child has no idea what is drawn, the game provides five clues to figure out the picture. Invisible Ink is an entertaining game that increases your child’s thinking ability.

5. Line Rider 3.3

It is an interesting game where the child gets to draw his racetrack.

The child needs to use a pencil to draw the track. When you hit start, the little boy will try to ride on your track. The secret here is to make tracking easier because you don’t want the little guy stuck there. This game is interesting for young children, and children ages three and up can play the game. It is educative and improves kids’ hand-eye coordination.

6. Drawing Game Room

It is an online drawing game that you can play with a computer. In this game, the drawing-room is full of objects scattered around. You will show the places where things are kept, and your main goal is to remember those places. The child is required to find the items listed in the minimum time. This game is educative and serves as a great workout tool for your kid’s mind. The game also improves the child’s coloring skills and drawing skills.

7. Cranium Board Game Cranium

It is an award-winning cool drawings game that brings surprising drawing talents to kids who love to draw. The main idea of this game is to circle the board victoriously while sketching, sculpting, and puzzle-solving. This game will improve your child’s thinking ability as well as improving drawing skills.

8. Fisher-Price Slim Doodle Pro

The Fisher-Price Slim Doodle Pro drawing game gives your kids hours of classic hassle-free stamping drawing and doodling fun in a new design. This game features a pen screen saver, an extra-large magnetic drawing screen, and four easy-to-use shape stampers.

The large drawing screen gives your teens the confidence they need when developing their creative drawing abilities. The screen also gives them a stage to show themselves in art. The game also has an obvious slide eraser that will clean the screen with ease. So they can infiltrate new creations over and over! 

9. Scribble 

Scribble is an interesting game that improves your kid’s concentration, patience, along speed.

The child’s task is to connect the dots on the given screen in ascending order. When the child moves the crayon everywhere, he will develop beautiful patterns. It improves the child’s coloring skills as well as drawing skills. You can also play the game with your friends to have fun.

10. Drawing

The drawest is a card-based drawing game suitable for ages 6 to adult. You aim to produce the best drawing by connecting different card elements. For the winner to appear, you obligation sketch the best understanding of the cards. This game is an excellent tool that supports young gamers in developing visualization skills and creative thinking.

The game also helps children to move from literally drawing cards to a very imaginative and creative interpretation. Aside from the creativity of the player’s activism, the game increases imaginary thinking and helps players reveal themselves within art. Another great piece of information about this game is that it can be experienced together by all players despite age. Young players are also handicapped in taking inspiration from older players.